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Just for Kids

Hey KIDS! This page is just for you. Your parents invest countless hours to ensure that you have a bright future - helping with homework, coaching sports teams, driving to music lessons, cooking healthy foods, waiting in doctors' offices and so much more. They would never dream of sending you out to meet your future unprepared. Yet, all too often, young adults are not equipped to manage their money and face the financial challenges that lie ahead.

On The Grid Financial wants to help kids develop early in life the skills and habits they need to lead them to a bright and successful financial future. Learning about financial obligations a few years before you step out on your own is much too late to begin. In fact, it is never too early to learn about ways to earn money, save money, and how to build your future.

At On The Grid Financial, we want to make sure future generations learn about good savings habits and take pride in having their very own credit union account. Below are special videos, activities, and calculators that make learning about finance, so much won't even realize you are learning.

Through the Invest in America program, credit unions have generously allocated funds to support the development of Biz Kid$. As a national financial education initiative, Biz Kid$ is based on an Emmy Award-winning public television series about kids, money, and business. Completion of a fifth season has allowed the series to reach syndication, bringing financial education to more than 271 million students and adults in schools and living rooms across the country. 

See the latest Biz Kid$ episode and have fun learning about the importance of finance and your future.

Want to learn more? At On The Grid Financial we have a lot a great resources to share with you. Take a moment and explore the links below, you can even find out how long it will take you to save for something you really want, like a new MP3 player, HD camera, or even a car, some day.

Check out:
Savings Calculator
Ways to Earn Money
Ways to Save Money
Just Try It...

Try out these activities, challenges and calculators – some deal with spending, some with saving, some with borrowing. They'll let you know just how sharp your money smarts are. Have FUN!

The links are offered as a resource. On The Grid Financial does not control the content on these sites.