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Building Independence

Young Adults Ready for Life

You're young, with big plans and even bigger dreams. There is much to do - buying your first car, paying for educational expenses, launching your career, establishing your credit history, purchasing your first home and maybe even getting married. Need some help getting started? Look to your credit union, On The Grid Financial!

If you've grown up as a credit union member you probably already have a checking account, debit card or even a car loan. But now, as you plan for your future you want to be prepared. Maybe you want to know how to make a budget, how to buy a car, or what your credit score really means, we can help. Even if you're new to credit unions and finance, we have useful resources that can help answer some of those pressing questions. Just click on the links below to get started.

Learn more about:
Saving for College
Buying a Car and Loan Options
Career Planning
Creating Your Personal Budget
Your Credit Score

At, On The Grid Financial we want to be your financial partner for life. Whatever needs you have, from getting a loan, a credit card or exploring checking or savings options we are here to help! Just call today at 1-800-360-6362 for a no-hassle, no-obligation consultation. We want to be more than your financial service provider. We want to be your friend and partner in your quest for financial success.

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