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Meet Our Board

Board of Directors

The On The Grid Financial Board of Directors consists of seven unpaid volunteers, democratically elected by you, the credit union members. The Federal Credit Union Act and the bylaws of On The Grid Financial spell out the election process and the requirements for serving on the Board. The Board’s role is that of a fiduciary, with the responsibility to ensure the safety and soundness of the credit union. Find out more about becoming a credit union volunteer today.

The election process is held yearly as part of the Annual Membership Meeting. All members, age 18 years and older, have one vote regardless of services/products used. Credit union directors serve three year terms and may be re-elected for subsequent terms. Please contact Emily James, President/CEO if you are interested in becoming a volunteer. (NOTE: This is not secure email)

Contact the Board
You can contact the Board of Directors via email at (NOTE: This is not secure email) or by U. S. mail at the credit union’s address.

Randolph Tutt, Chairman; Ann King, Vice Chair; Joe Thomas, Treasurer; Richard J. Mandes, Secretary; David Lyons, Director; Jessica Hardaway, Director; Glen Grizzle, Director

Supervisory Committee

The supervisory committee members are appointed by the board to serve three year terms. The supervisory committee has two general goals; to ensure that management’s financial reporting objectives have been met and management practices and procedures safeguard members’ assets. This is accomplished through a combination of activities including the hiring of an external auditing firm and the review of closed accounts.

Contact the Supervisory Committee
You can contact the Supervisory Committee via email at NOTE: This is not secure email.

Current members are Katrina Langford, Chair; Trion King, Jessica Hardaway and Willie Palmer.