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Welcome to the new On The Grid Financial

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On The Grid Financial

We’re right down the line for you. As an electric utility industry employee, you give your all to keep... Go to this page

Thank you to the members of On The Grid Financial.

For those of you who joined us after June 8, 2015, you may sometimes hear us referred to as... Go to this page

Identity Theft

Protecting your account information. Identity theft is when someone steals your personal information—such as your social security number, driver’s... Go to this page

On The Grid Financial » Become A Volunteer » Volunteer Information Package

Interested in volunteering? Fill out this form and you’ll be contacted shortly. We look forward to working with you!... Go to this page

Loan Services » Deposit-Secured Loans

Giving you a boost from your own accounts. Another kind of Installment Loan we offer is a Deposit-Secured Loan.... Go to this page

Join the Credit Union

We want to welcome you to our family. We invite you to join On The Grid Financial and experience... Go to this page

Rates » Home Loan Rates

Home Loan Rates and Terms We’ve partnered with SWBC Mortgages (NMLS#9298) to provide 1st mortgages with competitive rates and terms,... Go to this page

Rates » Adventure Loan Rates

Adventure Loan Rates and Terms Buying a new or used RV, Motorcycle, Motor Home, or Boat? We offer terms... Go to this page

Rates » Vehicle Loan Rates

Vehicle Loan Rates and Terms Buying a new or used car or truck? We offer terms to fit most... Go to this page